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Support Mt. Pleasant Animal Rescue: Volunteer, Foster, Adopt, Donate

Mt. Pleasant Animal Rescue
Contributor: Jamie Richardson


Mt. Pleasant Animal Rescue (MPAR) is a dedicated organization committed to rescuing and rehoming animals in need. Since its inception in 2016, MPAR has relied on the kindness of volunteers and donors to fulfill its mission of compassion and care for animals awaiting their forever homes.

Photo credits: Mt. Pleasant Animal Rescue Facebook

Carol, the founder, has been involved in animal rescue for over 25 years, starting in her home and expanding as the community’s support grew. The town rallied behind her efforts, increasing the demand for her services, leading to the expansion of her home to accommodate more animals and eventually the opening of the new Mt. Pleasant Critter Corner retail store located in the studios @ The Mill.

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The Critter Corner offers a wide range of pet products, from stylish accessories to nutritious treats. Every purchase made at Critter Corner directly funds MPAR’s rescue operations, making it a shopping experience that gives back to the community. The Critter Corner has also eased the logistics of meet-and-greets for potential adopters. These events take place every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Looking for a way to help? Volunteering at Mt. Pleasant Animal Rescue directly impacts the lives of rescued animals. Help with walking dogs, spending time with cats, cleaning kennels, and providing necessary care and companionship. To volunteer, fill out the online form or email

Fostering is a vital part of MPAR’s rescue efforts, offering animals a loving home environment while they await adoption. As a foster parent, MPAR supports you with all necessary veterinary care and can provide supplies such as bedding and crates. If you’re interested in fostering a pet, you can email the Foster Home coordinator.

If you’re considering adopting a pet, MPAR has a variety of cats and dogs eager to find loving homes. Each adoption not only changes the life of an animal but also opens up space for MPAR to rescue another pet in need. Start your adoption journey by exploring their available cats and dogs online and filling out an adoption form on their website.

MPAR’s Pet Food Bank helps families in need keep their pets by providing essential food supplies. Donations of pet food and supplies are crucial, so convenient drop-off locations are available in Concord and Mt. Pleasant. You can also support MPAR through financial contributions or pet supplies. Donations can be sent to their P.O. Box or via PayPal.

Carol is hoping to host various fundraisers and events in the future, such as ghost walks and photos with Santa, to engage the community and raise much-needed funds. She would also like to offer classes, including one for kids on how to treat their pets.

Every action—volunteering, fostering, adopting, donating, or shopping—supports MPAR’s mission. Your involvement ensures that MPAR continues to provide compassionate care and second chances to pets awaiting their forever homes. Visit their website or contact them via email to get involved and make a difference for animals in need.


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