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πŸ’Ž πŸ’Ž πŸ’Ž A Legacy of Family Tradition and Community for 70 Years πŸ’Ž πŸ’Ž πŸ’Ž


The true beginning for Ellis Jewelers actually started in Downtown Gastonia amid the tumultuous times of the 1940s recession when Dan Levinson’s grandfather opened the family’s first jewelry store. This cherished establishment would go on to define an era and continue its legacy through the generations.

πŸ“ Concord (Downtown) | 29 Union St S, Concord, NC 28025
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Ellis, Dan’s father, worked at his father’s Gastonia store during his college years. He graduated from Chapel Hill in 1950 and then served in the army for two years during the Korean War. Upon returning home, he married his sweetheart and exited military service in 1952, ready to embark on the next chapter of his life.

Ellis wanted to set up his own jewelry store, similar to his father’s, in another small town in North Carolina. He chose Downtown Concord for his store and with a small loan from his father, Ellis Jewelers was established in 1953 on Union Street.

Photo credits: Ellis Jewelers website and social media

Once established, the store was at the center of the town’s retail scene, alongside iconic names like Belks and Iveys. It served as a hub for the community, a place where people gathered, shopped, and created lasting memories. However, the early 1970s brought a major change with the construction of a mall, prompting many businesses to relocate. But Ellis resisted the trend, never wanting to be part of a mall, as it aimed to remain a destination business.

Over the decades, the store saw three to four generations of customers, with grandparents who began shopping there in the 1950s when they worked for Cannon Mills. The store opened at 9 am, accommodating those coming off the third shift, establishing itself as an integral part of the town’s fabric.

The store, and Ellis himself, played a pivotal role in the community’s financial history. Dan’s father extended credit to many, asking questions about their parents and employers. Often, parents would co-sign for engagement rings, marking the store as the starting point for countless love stories.

A Third Generation Takes Root

Growing up, Dan continued his family’s tradition, spending his Christmases and summers working alongside his father in the store, gradually learning the ins and outs of the business. To the patrons, Dan’s father was known as “Mr. Ellis,” a sign of the respect and admiration the community held for him. This tradition carried on as Dan grew older, with people referring to him as “young Mr. Ellis.”

In 1990, Dan joined the family business, initially as an hourly employee. Over the years, he demonstrated a deep commitment to preserving and enhancing the store’s legacy. The business underwent three significant remodels in two decades, all while remaining in the same Downtown Concord location for 70 years.

The Legacy of Community Involvement

The evolution of Downtown Concord has never deterred Dan from his commitment to the community. He realized the importance of giving back, a value instilled by his father. To honor this tradition, Dan initiated various charitable efforts, and he felt that the store’s recent remodeling was an opportunity to convey this commitment to the community.

Dan’s father had a profound understanding of the community’s needs and was deeply integrated into the store’s daily operations. As Dan expanded his employee roster, it afforded him the time to be out in the community more, and he began to support the charities and organizations that mattered most to the people he served.

In an era dominated by big-box stores, Dan’s store stands as a testament to the power of community and tradition. It remains an integral part of the identity of Downtown Concord, offering a shopping experience that transcends mere transactions.

Advances in the Jewelry Shopping Experience

The jewelry business, much like fashion, has evolved over time. Dan recognizes the importance of staying current, ensuring the store’s offerings align with mainstream fashion trends.

Today, the choices in engagement rings have expanded significantly, with styles changing every six months. Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram play a vital role in shaping customer preferences. Thanks to modern technology, computer-aided design (CAD) allows for the creation of 70% of bridal jewelry from scratch, offering customers a truly unique experience at Ellis Jewelers.

Dan believes while technology has greatly changed how people decide on the jewelry they want, the essence of fine jewelry still remains deeply rooted in in-person experiences. Even in the digital age, a significant number of jewelry transactions occur face-to-face. People value the personal touch and the customer service they receive when making significant investments, especially in something like an engagement ring.

Dan understands that with every purchase, customers are voting with their dollars, choosing to support local businesses that are deeply embedded in the community.

Ellis Jewelers is amazing! I recently got engaged and the ring my fiancΓ© gave me from here was even more beautiful then I could have imagined. Dan is the best and helped my fiancΓ© through the whole process, making it extremely easy and very personal. Thank you Dan and Ellis Jewelers for the most amazing ring that I will cherish for the rest of my life πŸ™‚ – Sarah

Embracing the Social Side of the Jewelry Business

Dan has also not shied away from social media and its impact on engaging customers. In fact, they currently have a Couple of the Year Contest happening on their social media channels that invites followers to submit photos of their wedding or engagement using the hashtag #EverAfterEllis for a chance to win.

Dan has fully embraced being in front of the camera himself to keep his customers informed of things like jewelry sales, special holidays, and even took to the streets of Philadelphia for a recent buyer’s event.

Dan is also featured in many educational and entertaining videos from the store like this one about buying gold.

70th Anniversary Celebration Planned

Ellis Jewelers frequently supports nonprofit raffles with pieces of jewelry from the store but has gone above and beyond that with their 70th anniversary celebration. That is why they have planned a big celebration for their anniversary that says thank you to both their customers and supports some beloved local charities.

βœ¨πŸ’™ For TWO DAYS (Sept 22nd and 23rd) customers can enjoy up to 70% off seven cases of incredible jewelry! See their doorbuster sales online.

πŸ’° You can also buy tickets for a chance to WIN a $1070 shopping spree during the 70th Anniversary Charity Raffle. 1 Ticket $10 | 4 Tickets $30 | 10 Tickets $50 | 25 Tickets $100. Winner announced on Sept 26th.

PLUS, the raffle winner will get to pick from one of four Cabarrus County Charities to receive proceeds from the raffle. All Charities will receive a minimum donation of $370.



The story of Ellis Jewelers is not merely about a business; it is about the resilience of tradition, community, and family. Through generations, this store has weathered the changing tides of commerce and technology while remaining firmly rooted in the hearts of its customers.

Dan’s commitment to preserving his father’s and grandfather’s legacies and his dedication to giving back to the community ensure that this remarkable establishment will continue to shine for many years to come.


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