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Cabarrus Weekly to Offer Inside Scoop on Local Businesses, Events, and More

New Weekly Lifestyle e-Newsletter to Launch First Issue on December 28th

December 24, 2022 – CONCORD, NC

Long time business owners and residents of Cabarrus County, Brian and Lisa Perry, have felt a void in the media space promoting local restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and civic opportunities for some time. That is why they are launching a brand-new lifestyle e-newsletter, Cabarrus Weekly, that will cover all these topics and more with the first issue on December 28, 2022.

Cabarrus County has undergone significant growth in the past decades, and no one can attest to that better than Brian and Lisa. After living and working in Concord for 25 years, supporting countless community initiatives and small businesses along the way, the founders of Perry Productions can safely say that their home county is not what it used to be—it’s exponentially better. With all the recent revitalization efforts and ongoing economic development, Cabarrus County deserves to be thought of as more than just a Charlotte suburb; it is a thriving community with a high quality of life and a vibrant cultural identity independent of North Carolina’s largest city.

Imagine it is a Wednesday afternoon and a coworker asks what your weekend plans are, only to have you realize that you don’t have any plans. Instead of trying to think through a mental list of the restaurants, bars, and shops you frequent, you open your email to the latest edition of Cabarrus Weekly and discover the recent opening of a locally owned Irish pub or an upcoming fundraiser for the Cabarrus County Education Foundation taking place at Cabarrus Brewing Company’s cool new spot, the Kettle Room.

These are not suggestions from a disconnected team of writers who happened to catch wind of an event in your area; these are locally sourced, locally curated activities from people who are equally excited to try something new in their own backyard. Suddenly, your weekend (and the rest of your week, for that matter) is full of exciting new plans. This is what Cabarrus Weekly is all about. It’s the email you look forward to every week.

All subscribers have to do to receive this free inside scoop on all things Cabarrus County right to their inbox is sign up online. With just a couple of clicks, Cabarrus Weekly readers will have access to feature articles about small businesses, local nonprofits, and fellow members of their community creating food and entertainment opportunities that can’t be missed. Plus, they will be able to consult the newsletter’s website and its constantly updated community calendar of events, which can help them decide where to go out for a fun night of entertainment or spend a weekend morning giving back to those in need. No matter how they choose to use Cabarrus Weekly, subscribers will have everything that makes them proud to call this county “home” at their fingertips.

The team behind Cabarrus Weekly has worn several hats over the past few decades and has offered services to a variety of clients across the county. This kind of creative community involvement is nothing new to Perry Productions. During past projects, including Walk Cabarrus, they have focused their attention on highlighting positive figures and storylines from the community. Cabarrus Weekly is no different. This newsletter is a cultural, economic, and civic guide to the people, places, and events of Cabarrus County. With that said, it is important to note that Cabarrus Weekly is not a news outlet. It will not contain political opinions or biases, and the community calendar will be monitored by Perry Productions to ensure that the newsletter and its accompanying website remains a safe and welcoming space for all members of the community.

This brand-new venture is sure to generate a lot of buzz when the first issue arrives in subscriber inboxes on December 28, 2022. Whether you have lived in Cabarrus County as long as the Perry family or you just moved to town and want recommendations for how to spend the final days of the year, head over to and sign up now! Cabarrus Weekly is the ultimate destination for everyone who calls Cabarrus County “home.”