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πŸ‡²πŸ‡½πŸ₯‘πŸ˜‹ Casa Durham 1936 Offers Authentic Mexican Delights

Contributor: Lisa Perry


New Latin Fusion-themed breakfast and lunch restaurant opens in historic house in Kannapolis.

Casa Durham 1936 (Kannapolis)
πŸ“ 515 S Main St., Kannapolis, NC 28081
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The historic Durham house, situated near the railroad tracks in downtown Kannapolis, was relocated years ago to make way for the train station. Over time, this location has seen numerous restaurants attempt to thrive, such as Old Stone Vino and BREW, none of which achieved long-term success.

However, fortune seems to have finally smiled upon this spot with the recent opening of Casa Durham 1936. This new family-owned restaurant brings a Latin Fusion-themed breakfast and lunch establishment to downtown Kannapolis. It boasts a unique menu that has garnered praise from patrons for its delicious food, excellent service, and charming location.

Get a glimpse inside Casa Durham 1936 in this mouth-watering video!

Owners Lupita and Sergio Barrera, along with their partners Paty and Mario Herrera, were immediately captivated by the building’s charm and knew it was the ideal setting for their next culinary venture. Interestingly, they had been initially scouting for a location for their electric bike company when they stumbled upon the Durham house. Upon seeing it, Sergio had a revelation – it was destined to be a restaurant.

The Barreras were drawn to the house’s character and recognized its potential for their restaurant. This is why they have incorporated the year 1936, the year the house was built, into much of the restaurant’s decor and logo, as a tribute to its unique history.

In addition to Casa Durham 1936, the Barreras also co-own Mestizo Contemporary Mexican Cuisine in Davidson, NC, along with Lupita’s sister and brother-in-law. However, this isn’t the family’s first foray into the restaurant scene in Cabarrus County; they previously owned Bio-M-Bos Mexican Cuisine, located in the Coddle Creek Shopping Center off JW Liles Blvd in West Cabarrus. Their gigantic burrito was a favorite among the Perry family.

Sergio shared an interesting tidbit about Casa Durham’s launch timeline. Many restaurants today take over a year to prepare for opening, but the Barreras signed the lease for Casa Durham in March of this year and have already opened their doors. The primary challenge was the kitchen, which required new flooring. Sergio spent several weeks scrubbing the wood floors that had absorbed years of grease and replaced them with a new finish that meets restaurant regulations. They have also invested in new equipment to accommodate their freshly prepared menu items.

The restaurant business runs in Sergio’s family, with his father opening a restaurant in Mexico in 1980. Sergio’s first experience in a restaurant involved overseeing a brick oven with a rotisserie for meats. He fondly recalls how the oven broke during their grand opening, and at just 17 years old, he and his brother had to manually turn it using gloves. His brother now operates four seafood restaurants.

Sergio and his wife arrived in the United States from Mexico City in 1997 to assist one of his family members in opening Monterrey’s Mexican Restaurant in Lake Norman. Afterward, he worked as a server and in sales for a grocery supplier before eventually opening Bio-M-Bos and then Mestizo.

Despite the historical significance of the location, it’s the food at Casa Durham that will undoubtedly keep customers returning. The menu offers a wide variety of reasonably priced options, making it a challenge to decide what to order. Some favorites include cilantro rice and pinto beans mixed with eggs for breakfast tacos or with meat for lunch tacos.

Additionally, Casa Durham offers a brunch menu every Sunday, and in the winter, they plan to introduce fresh Mexican cocoa donuts. They are also working towards obtaining a liquor license to serve breakfast mimosas and lunch brews. Furthermore, they will feature a selection of Spanish wines available for purchase.

Download a PDF of Casa Durham’s menu

Early guests have already shared their positive experiences online, with one saying, “It’s nice to have a place like this close to home where the service is exceptionally friendly, the coffee is good, the menu is reasonably priced yet feels a bit upscale,” and another stating, “Wonderful new addition to the Kannapolis food scene!”

Inside Casa Durham, there are many delightful accents to enhance your dining experience. Lupita mentioned that the mural on the back wall was created using photos of Kannapolis from around 1936, the year the house was built. They also commissioned a local artisan to craft wooden tables with their logo carved into them, as well as other unique decor throughout the restaurant.

The staff at Casa Durham is not only attentive but also eager to provide menu suggestions, making your visit even more enjoyable.

For those who prefer to dine outdoors, Casa Durham offers a lovely patio area on the side and front of the house, where you can savor the cool fall temperatures. Even four-legged friends are welcome to join you on the patio. They plan to enclose the patio during the winter months and include heaters to extend their available seating.

Stop by and enjoy a meal at Casa Durham 1936 for breakfast or lunch or for one of their upcoming events:

  • Car Show on Oct 7th from 9am–12pm
  • Let’s Paint on Oct 17th at 10am
    Have your mask ready for Halloween parties! Breakfast is included. Text 704-728-1790 to RSVP.


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