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☕ Celebrating Life One Cup at a Time

Contributor: Jamie Richardson


Step into a world where the past and the present collide, where legacy takes on a new and exciting form.

Meet Coffin House Coffee, a one-of-a-kind coffee shop nestled within the historic Hartsell Funeral Home in Concord.

Founded by Jacob Hartsell in the 1860s, the business provided a much-needed service to the community at that time. Today, the coffee shop honors Hartsell’s legacy while providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

The Hartsell family’s mission to “Celebrate Life” has expanded far beyond its initial purpose of serving the community.

Coffin House Coffee was opened as a way to allow people to get to know Hartsell Funeral Home in a different way. They opened their coffee shop in December 2022 and it has since become a place where ideas bloom and conversations flow…where people can come and stay awhile to appreciate and “enjoy the aroma of life.”

The coffee shop is warm and inviting. It has a cozy rustic ambiance, and an outdoor seating area which provides a perfect spot for a cup of coffee and a pastry. The menu includes a variety of locally sourced coffee drinks and pastries, with the coffee beans coming from Sugar Creek Roasters and the pastries from Beard Bakes.

What to try…

☕️ Grave Digger, Spiced Salted Mocha: Brown sugar cinnamon, salted caramel & dark chocolate creating the perfect savory sweet mix

☕️ Spirit Lifter, Caramel Cookie Crumble: Sweet caramel and chocolate chip cookie syrup, sure to lift your spirits

And we love their logo that you can get on merchandise such as hats, shirts, coffee mugs, and more.

(Photo credit: Coffin House Coffee Facebook)

More Than Coffee

Coffin House Coffee is more than just a coffee shop…it is a place where Jacob Hartsell’s legacy of community service lives on. Not only do they offer delicious coffee, but the shop also regularly hosts pet adoptions, blood drives, and other charitable events.

  • In the future, they hope to host even more events, such as “canvas and coffee” gatherings and events to honor police, fire department, and military veterans, in order to show their continued appreciation for the community.

Having always been a pillar of the community, they support the community by visiting Hospice and providing families with much-needed information while also supporting the Alzheimer’s Association.

  • They also actively participate in community activities like the Harrisburg Fourth of July parade, the Harrisburg Halloween event, as well as the Concord Christmas parade.

Find out more about their coffee and their full menu by clicking here or find them on Facebook and Instagram!


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