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Cigar Loft Owner Took His Passion and Made a Living Out of It

Contributor: Jamie Richardson


Derek Kilgore has been passionate about cigars for over a decade, which is why he opened The Cigar Loft in January 2020.

Whether you are a cigar aficionado or a novice looking to learn more, The Cigar Loft has something for everyone. Kilgore opened his business right before the pandemic and is now surrounded by the courthouse and apartment construction in the middle of downtown Concord. But the oasis he has created, tucked away on the second floor of the building at 76 Union Street, keeps members coming back again and again.

The Cigar Loft offers a great selection of more than 250 different types of premium cigars, including respected names and boutique brands like ARTURO FUENTE, AJ FERNANDEZ, DAVIDOFF & MORALES.

“It’s a great atmosphere. Derrick and Aaron are very knowledgeable when it comes to cigars and what type of whiskey goes great with them. I love going there.”  – Chris Curry

The Cigar Loft is a private club, but Derek adds a lot of value to the membership cost by offering workshops that include learning how to hand roll cigars and Fumas (component) tastings. He also invites cigar brand representatives to come out and share their products. It’s a chance for people to learn more about particular brands and sometimes buy off-market cigars. He likes to bring the experts to his clients.

What Should You Expect When You Walk Into The Cigar Loft? Upon entering, guests are welcomed into a warm space, filled with ambient music that makes them feel instantly comfortable and relaxed. It’s a place to socialize, watch a ball game, or just hang out. You can even practice your golf game on the putting green.

There is a full bar with a great selection of beer on tap, many from the local brewing company Southern Strain. He also carries wine, cocktails, and top-shelf scotch and bourbon varieties from Buffalo Trace, Elijah Craig, Basil Hayden, Woodford Reserve, and more! They also have non-alcoholic drinks like lattes, espresso, soft drinks, and ginger beer.

  • My drink of choice at The Cigar Loft? Aaron makes an AMAZING Moscow Mule, which I HIGHLY recommend!

The Cigar Loft’s goal is to cater to its members, making a personalized atmosphere just for you.

  • We work hard to curate a list of handcrafted cigars to satisfy everyone’s palate because: “Money Can’t buy happiness but it can buy The Cigar Loft’s cigars and that’s the same thing!”

Don’t know anything about cigars? That’s OK! Derek and Aaron are there to answer your questions and offer recommendations.

  • Whether you’re a fan of a ball game and some afternoon conversation, or you are more of an evening person who likes to pair their Scotch, Bourbon, Craft Beer, Cocktail, or Wine with the right Cigar and some exclusive company, The Cigar Loft is where you want to be.

We recommend you stop by a visit in person, but for a peek at the space, you can take a virtual tour of The Cigar Loft HERE. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website.


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