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Geekery Market Comes to Cabarrus Arena

Geekery Market
Contributor: Jamie Richardson


A celebration of all things geeky for anyone passionate about pop culture and fandom.

📅 Saturday, Nov 4th
📍 Cabarrus Arena & Events Center, 4751 NC Highway 49, Concord, NC

The journey of The Charlotte Geeks began in September 2008 when a passionate fan, known as the GiddyGeeker, decided that the camaraderie of fellow geeks shouldn’t be limited to the few days of an annual convention.

The solution? A Livejournal community named The Charlotte Geeks was born, inviting local con-goers to join in the conversation. Within no time, the community grew to 25 members, and it was evident that something extraordinary was taking shape. When The Charlotte Geeks surpassed 100 members, it became apparent that Charlotte was brimming with geeks eager to connect. The community, now buzzing with energy and purpose, set its sights on giving back to the community.

The Charlotte Geeks Give Back

In October 2009, the Charlotte Geeks celebrated their first anniversary with a remarkable event: the Geek Gala. This costumed charity gathering not only let geeks have a blast but also raised funds for a great cause. The proceeds were donated to Youth Homes, now known as Childrens’ Home Society of NC, a nonprofit organization supporting foster and adoptive children.

Over 90 geeks were present at the gala, and it marked the beginning of an annual tradition. Over the years, the event’s popularity and impact grew significantly. In 2014, over 200 geeks attended the gala, raising over $4,000 for Children’s Home Society of NC, a substantial contribution to their programs. The Geek Gala took a brief hiatus during the pandemic but is rumored to make a return in 2024.

The community’s commitment to giving back didn’t stop there. In 2010, they created “Zombies for Libraries,” a campaign aimed at raising funds and awareness for local libraries. The geeks produced entertaining and educational PSAs, emphasizing the importance of supporting local libraries in maintaining a growing “brain supply”.

In December 2014, The Charlotte Geeks launched their own podcast, “Guardians of the Geekery,” a weekly dive into all things geeky. This podcast provided a new platform for geeks to explore and celebrate their passions.

In 2016, they introduced the “Muggles Market,” an event aimed at supporting local geeky artisans. Although the market faced a hiatus due to the pandemic, it made a triumphant return in February 2023, complete with a name upgrade to the “Geekery Market”. The name change is a testament to the community’s commitment to inclusivity. The original name had served them well, but as The Charlotte Geeks expanded, it was clear that they wanted to welcome all fans and fandoms. The Geekery Market is a celebration of all geek cultures and invites everyone to participate.

The Charlotte Geeks are thrilled to announce that the “Geekery Market” has a NEW location right here in Cabarrus County, at the Cabarrus Arena. Scheduled for Saturday, November 4, 2023, the event is free to attend, with a suggested donation of either a canned good or $2 per person, and parking is available for $8 per car (credit/debit only). The Geekery Market invites all geeks and fandoms to join in the fun.

What can attendees expect at The Geekery Market?

It’s not just a shopping experience; it’s a festival of geeky artisans from all fandoms. Over 80 unique artisans will be selling their handmade sci-fi, fantasy, and nerdy wares, making it a haven for those seeking one-of-a-kind items not found in mainstream stores. For a full list of Artisans, click HERE.

Geekery Market collage

Photos Credit:  Courtesy of The Charlotte Geeks

The market also promises a range of fun activities and exhibits, ensuring an immersive and entertaining day for all attendees. Some of the highlights include:

  • Holiday Photos with Geeky Santa: Get a festive photo with a Santa who truly understands your geeky wishes.
  • Fan Car and Replicas Showcase: Marvel at fan-created replicas and customized vehicles from your favorite series.
  • Face Painting and Fairy Hair: Let your inner geek shine with creative face painting and fairy hair styling.
  • Lego Displays and Building Stations: Explore incredible Lego creations and try your hand at building with North Carolina LEGO User Group.
  • Star Wars Costumers: Meet members from Blue Ridge Base, the 501st Carolina Garrison, and the Talon Clan in authentic Star Wars costumes.
  • Sword & Medieval Courtyard Demonstrations: Step back in time with demonstrations by the SCA and Swordwind.
  • Music Tent of Geeky Performances: Enjoy live performances by Valentine Wolfe, Nefarious Ferrets, David MusicLover Gibson, and Marcus Octavius.
  • Kid-Friendly Activities: Treasure hunts and other engaging activities to keep young geeks entertained.

Geekery Market venue layout

Meet Joey, the GiddyGeeker, the driving force behind The Charlotte Geeks. She may not claim to be an expert on all geekeries, but she is a passionate organizer who loves bringing fellow geeks together. Her geekdoms include Doctor Who, Star Wars, Marvel, board gaming, and British TV, and she is known to have a slight addiction to HGTV and game shows. When not immersed in the world of conventions or working on her podcast, “Guardians of the Geekery,” she enjoys relaxing with her dog Angel and her husband Matt.

Guardians of the Geekery podcast

The journey of The Charlotte Geeks is a testament to the power of unity and the enduring spirit of geekdom. As they proudly proclaim, “We geek, therefore we are. So say we all.” They have created a welcoming and inclusive community that celebrates geek culture, gives back to the community, and provides a platform for artists to showcase their talents.

The Geekery Market is not just a market; it’s a celebration of all things geeky and a must-visit event for anyone passionate about pop culture and fandom. Join them on Nov 4th, for a day filled with fun, creativity, and, of course, lots of geeky shopping!


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