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🇮🇹🎉 Italian Market and Deli Celebrates Its 1-Year Anniversary

Contributor: Jamie Richardson


With a focus on authentic Italian cuisine and a commitment to quality, Tutti’s has quickly become a beloved destination.

📍Tutti’s Italian Market and Deli, 235 Cabarrus Ave E, Concord, NC 28025

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Tutti’s Italian Market and Deli is a family-run establishment that brings the flavors and traditions of Italy to the heart of Concord. More than just a place to grab a bite to eat—it’s a community space that invites everyone to come together, share delicious food, and create lasting memories.

Tutti’s began as the dream of brothers Tom and Johnny Cook, who officially opened the deli on Cabarrus Avenue in November 2022. Tom, the eldest of four siblings, was raised in a multi-generational Italian-American family where he learned the art of cooking from his grandparents and great-grandparents, all Italian immigrants.

  • These cherished moments not only shaped his culinary skills but also ignited a deep appreciation for the power of food to bring people together and the belief that “a full dining room table equates to a full heart.” Inspired by his family’s roots, Tom’s passion for food and community led him to establish Tutti’s.

After a successful career as an educator, Tom’s dream of opening an Italian deli centered around family and community finally became a reality. The goal was to create an environment where people could experience the true essence of a deli and share meals together. Tutti, which means “everyone” in Italian, embodies the inclusive spirit of the deli, encouraging patrons to pull up another chair and join the community.

At Tutti’s, Tom still sees himself as a teacher, sharing knowledge about the food and products available in the store. In fact, Tom plans to offer fresh pasta classes in the near future, allowing customers to learn the art of making pasta themselves. The heart of Tutti’s lies in bringing back the cherished traditions of family and togetherness.

The deli, located at 235 Cabarrus Avenue East, stands unapologetically authentic, offering gourmet sandwiches, pre-made Italian meals, and a specialty market stocked with high-quality imported Italian ingredients, goods, beer, and wine.

  • Fresh pasta and mozzarella are hand crafted, showcasing the dedication to quality that defines Tutti’s. Noteworthy dishes include the mouthwatering lasagna and “The Godfather,” a classic Italian sub on a seeded semolina roll.

Italian Take and Bake Menu

A Family Legacy

Tutti’s is not just a business; it is a family legacy. The Cook brothers’ Grandpa Perno, a Marine Corps veteran, NYC firefighter, and proud Italian-American, believed in building a lasting heritage for his family. He believed in their dreams and invested in their success, gifting them the building on Cabarrus Avenue to start their family legacy. This gesture ensured that Tutti’s would be passed down to future generations.

Tom shared, “Our immediate family has had a hand in the deli’s success from demo stages to daily service, including our parents, Laura and Mike, sisters Kati and Gabby and my wife and kids, Julie, Bella, and Lena.”

Tom attributes part of Tutti’s success to the relationships he has formed in Cabarrus County. Through Flywheel’s Venture Mentoring program at the Cabarrus Center, he connected with Dr. Allen Dobson, the owner of 73 & Main. This partnership allowed Tutti’s to utilize their restaurant kitchen for research and development.

  • Tutti’s showcased their creations on 73 & Main’s menu and even today, Tutti’s continues to work with 73 & Main, providing entrees for their special occasions.

Connecting with Their Customers Daily

Tom, who is present at the restaurant daily, knows his customers personally, a testament to the strong community bonds fostered at Tutti’s.

“If you haven’t tried Tutti’s Italian Market and Deli in Concord, make plans immediately to go check them out! We had an incredible Eggplant Rollatini, Stuffed Shells, and Meatballs for dinner. They have all of your homemade Italian favorites, the best sandwiches in the area, a full market, and a mouthwatering dessert counter! Keep up the great work, Tom Cook! Tutti’s is the taste of home everyone needs in the community! Mangia!” – Vince Marcucci

Recently, Tutti’s celebrated its one-year anniversary with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Tom expressed his gratitude to the community for their unwavering support, acknowledging that small businesses thrive through the collective effort of friends, family, and hard work.

  • “No small business succeeds in its 1st year without friends, family, long hours, and many sacrifices.” The success of Tutti’s is a testament to the quality of their food, the warm atmosphere they provide, and the strong bonds they have formed with their customers.

Italian offerings from Tutti's

Italian Market offerings

Tutti’s Italian Market and Deli has quickly become a cherished establishment in Cabarrus County, offering a taste of Italy and a warm community atmosphere. Through their commitment to authentic cuisine, quality ingredients, and fostering community, Tom and Johnny Cook have created more than just a restaurant—they have created a place where memories are made and traditions are honored.

In the spirit of “Tutti a tavola a mangiare,” Tutti’s beckons you to join the table, savor the flavors and create lasting memories within the embrace of family and community.


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