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💖🏡 Landon Lane Candle: A Journey of Homecoming and Creativity

Contributor: Jamie Richardson


Ribbon cutting marks new storefront for candle business in Mount Pleasant.

📍8354 W Franklin St, Mount Pleasant, NC 28124
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In Mount Pleasant, a dream is being lived, a story is being written, and candles are being poured with love and purpose. Elisabeth Bryson, the founder of Landon Lane Candle Co., has embarked on a journey that spans across states and islands, all centered around the idea that “All roads lead home.”

The story of Landon Lane Candle Co. began with an Amazon gift card and a creative mindset. Elisabeth discovered the art of candle making while sitting at her kitchen table. What began as a fun-filled evening of pouring candles turned into a full-fledged business

Landon Lane Candle Co. new storefront

Photo credit: Landon Lane Candle Co.

With unwavering support from her husband, friends, and family, Elisabeth decided to take her candle-making endeavors more seriously, refining her techniques through a process of trial and error, supplemented by online research.

  • The company’s name, Landon Lane, pays homage to Elisabeth’s late father. Through the creation of each candle, his memory lives on, a reminder to embrace life to the fullest.

Established in 2019 in Virginia, the candle-making adventure continued as Elisabeth and her family moved from Virginia to Hawaii. Crafting candles on their lanai, the business gathered momentum with support from neighbors and friends. Even after another move, this time to Ocean Isle Beach in 2021, where she traveled between there and Concord while overseeing the construction of their forever home in Mount Pleasant, the spirit of Landon Lane Candle Co. persevered.

From crafting candles on her lanai in Hawaii to managing orders from afar, Elisabeth’s commitment to her online store and loyal customer base never wavered.

  • Now comfortably settled in historic Mount Pleasant, Elisabeth has transformed a downtown storefront into the embodiment of her vision – Landon Lane Candle Co. Stepping inside, one is greeted with the same warmth and charm that radiate from Elisabeth’s handcrafted products.

The business found its first physical home in a beautifully restored historic 1895 building downtown. The location, beside the state’s oldest barber shop, adds a touch of charm to the brand. Elisabeth’s husband surprised her with the key to their storefront, a gesture that embodies the constant encouragement he provides. The grand opening of the store this past weekend marked a significant milestone in the Landon Lane Candle Co. journey.

Landon Lane Candle Co. ribbon cutting

“Opening up a storefront was scary to me, but I decided after many years to take a leap of faith. Many doors were shut for me (job interviews, etc.) so God could open up this door. I give all glory to God. I hope people who visit will find peace and happiness in this small, but mighty, historic space! Between my husband nudging me to open up the storefront, and God opening up the door —here I am!”

The tagline “All roads lead home” encapsulates the essence of the brand. No matter where life takes you, the importance of family remains constant. Elisabeth’s journey from North Carolina to Virginia, Hawaii, and back to North Carolina highlights the idea that, ultimately, home is where family is.

The candles themselves reflect a blend of Southern hospitality and the Aloha spirit. Using 100% natural soy produced from American-grown soybeans, these candles burn longer and cleaner. The fragrances like Apple Bourbon and Lanai are carefully curated to fill homes with inviting moments meant to be shared with loved ones.

  • The attention to detail is evident not only in the quality of the candles but also in the beautiful packaging, making them perfect for gift giving.

Landon Lane Candle Co. extends beyond candles, offering a range of products like reed diffusers, wax melts, and firestarters. Elisabeth’s commitment to sustainability is evident as she recycles materials to craft fire starters, showcasing the brand’s dedication to both elegance and eco-friendliness.

Landon Lane Candle Co. product display

Custom orders for weddings, corporate events, and special occasions allow customers to share a piece of their special day with loved ones. As Elisabeth says, “Let’s collaborate on how your guests will walk away from your wedding, special event, or corporate gathering with a hand-poured custom fragrant candle to remember their special time. You enjoy your event—we will take care of your custom gifts!”

Looking ahead, Landon Lane Candle Co. has exciting plans, including paint-and-pour events where attendees can unleash their creativity, paint their candle vessels, mix fragrances, and complete the candle-making process. It’s an opportunity to not only unleash creativity but also to craft a unique, personalized piece that becomes a cherished memory.

In the flickering glow of each Landon Lane candle, there’s a story—a story of dreams pursued, prayers answered, and the enduring importance of coming home. So, live a great story, and dream along the way, because eventually, all roads lead home. Home is where family is. Home is where memories are made and life’s moments are enjoyed.

Be sure to check out their website to see the most up-to-date posts and photos and read more about what’s going on in the studio!


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