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Learn the Art of Brewing During Home Barista Workshop

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Contributor: Jamie Richardson


Good Ground Coffee Co. is hosting the workshop as a hands-on experience in the art of coffee making.

Website | Facebook | Instagram
📅 Sunday, Jan 28th at 3:30pm
📍 Meredith’s home, 427 Kerr Street Northwest, Concord, NC
🎟️ $25 per person

Located in Concord, Good Ground Coffee Co. is creating a buzz with its commitment to delivering top-notch, locally roasted-specialty coffee right to your doorstep. Founder and owner, Meredith Garcia, affectionately known as the “neighborhood coffee lady,” is on a mission to make every home a haven for exceptional coffee experiences.

Started with a Passion for Sharing Unique Coffee Flavors

Good Ground Coffee Co. started in 2021 with Meredith’s passion for sharing the unique flavors of small-batch beans sourced from El Salvador. She then began attending small pop-ups at local businesses and opened her home cafe, all while Meredith juggled a full-time job. In 2022, Good Ground Coffee Co. underwent a rebranding, marking the launch of its user-friendly website with packaged coffee, tools, and accessories available online.

  • But Meredith’s vision extended beyond just offering coffee; she aimed to teach coffee enthusiasts the art of brewing.

Learn the Art of Coffee Making at Home

This past summer Meredith began teaching Home Barista Workshops. These workshops, hosted at her charming home cafe in Concord, provide a hands-on experience in the art of coffee making. From pour-over methods to cold brewing and creating the perfect shaken espresso drink, participants unlock their inner barista.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Home Barista Workshop on Jan 28th at 427 Kerr Street Northwest, Concord, NC.

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Coffee Served Right to Your Door

For those who prefer a convenient coffee fix, Good Ground Coffee Co. offers curbside pickup and delivery within 3 miles of Gibson Village, Concord, on beans and accessories and drinks from her Home Cafe Menu, including the signature Shaken Espresso – a double shot of espresso with brown sugar, cinnamon, and oat milk.

A Busy Year Ahead

As Good Ground Coffee Co. gears up for a promising 2024, Meredith is looking forward to continued growth. For those seeking a unique coffee experience at their next event, Meredith offers personalized Latte stations or Iced Coffee bars with a skilled barista. Reach out to to bring the Good Ground Coffee Co. experience to your doorstep.

You can find Meredith at the Table 11 Sip & Shop on Jan 27th and can follow her on social media to stay updated on daily hours, pop-up locations, and exciting events.

Brew, sip, and repeat the goodness that is Good Ground Coffee Co.


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