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🍻 Lil’ Robert’s Place Hosting “Lucky 13” Anniversary Party on Feb 3 🍻

Contributor: Jamie Richardson


From just a bottle shop, to the quirky but home-like bar they are today.

“If you lived here, you’d be home” has been the slogan at Lil’ Roberts Place (LRP) for the past 13 years. There’s an eclectic vibe at LRP, from funky couches and chairs to an airplane hanging from the ceiling…there is a lot to take in, but it’s also easy to fit in. When Cabarrus Weekly contributor Jamie visited, there was a group of regulars hanging out at the bar and several people watching the Keno numbers as they appeared on the television screen.

  • LRP is known throughout the craft industry all over the state. Their reputation is that they have “a little bit of everything… an amazing diversity of products and people.” LRP also offers a bar menu featuring crazy hot dogs, tasty quesadillas, funky nachos, and so much more.

The tap line at Lil’ Roberts Place is made up of over 500 different American/independent craft, micro, and import beers. They also serve up 60+ wines and feature a huge collection of art all over the bar from local artists.

Open 365 Days a Year… No Matter the Weather

“It’s true, we really are open 365 days a year, even on days when the power is out or there is snow on the ground,” says owner Robert Burrage. “Beer pours without electricity.”

  • His mom gave him a hard time about being open on holidays at first. She said that’s when you spend time with your family. But Robert recalls a Thanksgiving when he served a young single guy at the bar who said, “thank you for being open. I had nowhere else to go.” Lil’ Roberts Place is family!

When asked if being compared to the 80s sitcom Cheers would be a compliment or insult, Burrage enthusiastically said, “a compliment!” He hears that comparison a lot (from those who remember Cheers). He also hears that his bar reminds people of bars in the mountains or dive bars in California. Cabarrus Weekly contributor Jamie agrees, as LRP reminds her of a great dive bar in her hometown in CA that she frequented in her 20s.

What’s With the Thrift Store Next Door?

The Mullet is an extension of LRP, and since it is attached, you can grab a pint at the bar and then go next door to shop for treasures. Originally the space was going to be a mixture of “business in the front” as a bottle shop and “party in the back” as a music and event space, but COVID put a stop to that.

  • When they finally did open, Burrage decided to turn it into a thrift store. He is a self-proclaimed “functional hoarder” and started out mainly selling stuff from his garage. Pretty soon customers were donating items and it just grew from there.

In addition to clothes, household items, and furniture you can also find things like car parts. Follow their Facebook or Instagram pages for ever-changing inventory.

Serving Up the Good Times

Bartender Mike “Piti” Poppiti has been working at LRP for 6 years, and he says he enjoys working there because of the friends he’s made and the environment that is uniquely LRP. He always sees a familiar face when he comes to work. Mike grew up on Union Street and his dad was friends with Robert… that’s how he got his job.

Adam Talley has been working at Lil’ Roberts Place for 12 years. He was hired while he was still in high school to work in the kitchen and has been there ever since. The reason he has stayed so long is the strong group of regulars who he considers family.

  • He’s a social person and enjoys the feeling of community that is LRP. He’s proud that they were the first craft beer bar in Cabarrus County and that they continue to stay on trend with craft beers.

If he could tell Cabarrus County one thing about LRP, he would ask “why haven’t you been here before?”

Long-time Bartenders Adam Talley and Mike “Piti” Poppiti


Always Something Fun Happening at LRP

Every May, LRP hosts a “Brewery Royal Rumble.” Participants fill out a bracket and taste three beers from eight different breweries. The first keg to kick stays on top all year!

LRP has something happening almost every night of the week.

  • 🎶 Vinyl records are played during “Monday Spin.” LRP invites customers to even bring their own vinyl records to play and share.
  • 🎤 Wednesdays are always open mic nights. They have showcased performers that cover everything from EDM to comedy and everything in between.
  • 🎸 Live music happens every Friday and Saturday night, featuring local artists. Upcoming live music from 8-11pm:

LRP is also known for some pretty classic annual events as well including its Halloween Costume Contest, a Summer Luau, and its Christmas Ugly Sweater Party. Their popular Adult Prom was discontinued after COVID, but LRP is planning its return this spring!

So, what’s next for Lil’ Roberts? Celebrating their 13th anniversary with a big old party on Feb 3rd! The Mike Strauss Band will be performing, so make plans to raise a beverage to a place that feels like home.

  • Regulars Mike and Kathy Hess attend all the fun events at LRP, and Kathy even won the $50 prize for the Christmas party costume contest this year! They also like to swing by because it’s close to home. “It’s a quiet place with lots of different types of people.”


Planning to visit? Tell ’em Cabarrus Weekly sent ya!