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Must See TV: Concord Natives Shine on MAX

Adam Miller and wife Max promo

Adam and Jessica Miller flip houses full-time and “accidentally” got 2 million followers online in the process.

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Are you following this local couple who grew up a few miles apart in Concord, renovated their own home on Union Street, and have recently had a project featured on MAX’s “In with the Old” (Season 5, Episode 7: 1906 Farmhouse in Concord, NC)?

📺 In the episode, they move and renovate Adam’s best friends’ 1906 Concord farmhouse to become the home of his sister-in-law, Rachel, and her family.

Get lost in their YouTube channel watching other transformations like the 1900 Mill House that literally had snakes in the walls, as well as the incredible renovation of their own home, often called “The Notebook House,” which was featured in Southern Living Magazine.

Photo Credits: Adam Miller Facebook

📹 Don’t miss: “Who is Old House Adam” and “Old House Adam – Intro #1” on YouTube that share their backstory.

What’s Next? Adam recently shared the “the start of our epic adventure!” Follow along online over the next 8 months as they carefully dismantle a mansion from South Union Street, move it to its new location 5 miles down the road, and create the ultimate dream home for his in-laws.

“We carefully dismantled this old brick-covered beauty, feeling the weight of history with every move. Our goal? To preserve its character while giving it a new lease on life.”

What Can You Expect? Plenty of do-it-yourself (DIY) adventures, design dilemmas, and maybe even a few unexpected surprises along the way.

Don’t have TikTok? Don’t worry, they share all their videos on their YouTube channel as well. You can go back and see tons of renovation videos that are both entertaining and educational.

Old House Adam in the News

Local and regional publications have been covering the Miller’s story over the past several years, with our own Independent Tribune covering their debut on MAX in December. Don’t have MAX? Don’t worry. The episode is expected to air on the Magnolia Network in the near future.

July 6, 2021, Southern Living Magazine
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July 23, 2021, Queen City News
Concord couple restores historic homes; talent gains them 1.6M on TikTok

August 22, 2022, Charlotte Magazine
A Concord Couple Restores ‘The Ugliest’ 1900s Mill Home⁠—While Becoming TikTok Stars

March 26, 2023, Business Insider
A man renovated his wife’s crumbling childhood home into a dream property for his five kids and loved it so much he started flipping homes full-time

December 23, 2023, Independent Tribune
The Millers on Magnolia: How a Concord couple are making a name for themselves renovating historic homes

If you are a fan of the many popular home renovation shows on TV, be sure to add Old House Adam to your watch list…making his hometown proud, one historic home at a time!


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