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🍽️ 🍺 New Menu Complements CBC’s Craft Beers

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Cabarrus Brewing Company has introduced an exciting new menu that pairs perfectly with many of its craft beers.

📍 Concord (Gibson Mill) | 329 McGill Ave NW
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Head Chef Octavia collaborated with Head Brewer Garry to create the new menu which features a combination of new items and beloved favorites. In fact, almost every meal on the menu has a suggested beer listed next to it. You can have a different combination of food and refreshment every time you visit!

You can enjoy a meal from The Kitchen on the weekends when they feature live music or during their many special events. But why not stop by during the week and enjoy a meal during some of their Brewpub events including:

  • Mondays: Mingo Madness Music Bingo
  • Tuesdays: Zumba Fitness
  • Wednesdays: Yoga Club
  • Thursdays: Run Club and Open Mic Night (every other Thursday)

Photo credit: Danny Parrillo, Photographer

🍻 🥉 Check out their full Summer Beer Menu below which includes their Core Beers, Small Batch, Mill Series, and even Cider and Kombucha options. Be sure to try the Oath Imperial Stout which won bronze at the US Open Beer Championship! The competition was fierce with more than 9000 beers representing 160 different styles. Congratulations to all the other North Carolina brewery winners.

New Menu Highlights

🌟 Jalapeño + Cheddar Brat with Pork Rind Beer Cheese and Sautéed Onions

  • Prepare yourself for a flavor explosion! featuring a succulent bratwurst infused with our signature Cotton Blonde Ale, resulting in a perfect pairing of flavors. Topped with a tantalizing combination of pork rind beer cheese and sautéed onions, this dish is a true crowd-pleaser.
    *Pair it with Cabarrus Cotton or Sew Juicy Hazy IPA

🌟 Sweet Chili Wings

  • Experience wings like never before! These sweet chili wings are expertly prepared with a unique double-frying technique, ensuring an irresistibly crispy texture. Tossed in a house-made sweet chili sauce and garnished with tuxedo sesame seeds, these wings are a harmonious blend of sweetness and spice.
    *Pair it with Rocky River IPA

🌟 Nashville Hot Chicken Brat

For those craving a touch of heat, the Hot Chicken Brat is the ultimate choice. Created in partnership with American Butcher, this special sausage offers just the right amount of spice. Accompanied by a generous portion of house-made slaw, it provides the perfect balance of flavors.
*Pair it with the Baller Beer, which serves as the braising liquid for the brat.

Looking for something lighter? The fresh salads on the menu are priced great at $8-$9 with options to add blackened chicken or fried shrimp for only $4 extra.

Photo credit: Danny Parrillo, Photographer

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try these exciting new menu items at Cabarrus Brewing Company. Whether you’re a fan of their classic offerings or looking to try something new, the new menu at CBC has something for everyone.


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