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Step into Fitness and Fun in Kannapolis

Step into fitness with the Loop the Loop program

Earn prizes while walking, running or biking with the Loop the Loop Program!

The City of Kannapolis’ Loop the Loop Program is a fun way to track the distance of your walk, run, or bike ride.

Loop the Loop is part of the City’s Discover a Healthy Life Initiative and the Cabarrus Health Alliance REACH Program. The goal is to bring a friend, meet new friends, and enjoy the scenic downtown including West Avenue Park and Atrium Health Ballpark (which is open to the public year round), Kannapolis parks including Village Park, Bakers Creek Park, Veterans Park, Vietnam Veterans Park, and Walter M. Safrit Park, as well as greenways like Bakers Creek, Irish Buffalo Creek, and 8th Street, all while exercising. There are also loops at all of the Kannapolis City Schools. It’s a way to enjoy a healthy physical and social lifestyle.

How Does It Work?

🏃‍♂️ Register online and then track your walk, run, or bike ride in Kannapolis to earn exciting prizes for every completed mile.

Route distances are designated by different colors. Signage and sidewalk markers aid you as you complete the loops around downtown Kannapolis and at each Kannapolis school.

🗺️ Click here to download maps of the loops:

Step into fitness loop the loop map

Loop the Loop fitness map

You do not have to walk in downtown Kannapolis or school loops to qualify. Walk anywhere in your neighborhood or the City.

Logging Your Mileage

To log your miles, all you need to do is sign back into the account you created when you registered (using your login and password you created) and add the program to your cart again, proceed to check out and you’ll be asked each time how many miles you’re logging. (Tip: bookmark the page for quick reference!)

You can log your miles in a lump sum, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, whichever is most convenient for you.

New for Loop the Loop in 2024

You are also welcome to register your dog for Loop the Loop this year 🐾. Just register your dog’s name and put Dog beside of the name. You can earn great people prizes and your pet can earn prizes they will love too.

Reach the Mileage Goal

The goal is for you to complete 150 miles by the end of 2024. At the end of each quarter, you are eligible to earn prizes based on how many miles you have already walked.

Earn prizes by meeting these deadlines:

  • March 31: 50 miles.
  • June 30: 75 miles.
  • September 30: 100 miles.
  • December 31: 150 miles.

Pictured below are some of the winners from 2023 with Mayor Hinnant.

loop the loop winners

Loop the Loop registration is FREE! You won’t be asked for any credit card or payment information. Just add the activity to your cart and check out to complete registration. Get started today!


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