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☀️🚗 Summer Car Care Tips


Summer is almost here, and it’s time to hit the road and enjoy the sunny weather. However, before embarking on your adventures, it’s crucial to ensure that your car is prepared to handle the hot weather conditions. Let the experts at Ben Mynatt help you with that summer maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly and ensure a trouble-free season. Many of these you can do yourself at home, but you can also let our factory-trained technicians make your life easier by scheduling a visit!

  • Check and maintain the cooling system. The cooling system is critical to prevent your engine from overheating during hot summer days. Start by inspecting the coolant levels and ensuring they are appropriately full. Look for any signs of leaks or damage in the hoses and radiator. If needed, flush the coolant and refill it with the recommended mixture of coolant and distilled water.
  • Test the battery. Extreme heat can take a toll on your car’s battery performance. Have your battery tested by a professional to ensure it is in good condition. If the battery is weak or nearing the end of its lifespan, consider replacing it to prevent unexpected trouble during your summer travels.
  • Replace wiper blades. Summer rainstorms are not uncommon, and having clear visibility is crucial for safe driving. Worn-out wiper blades can hinder visibility and compromise your safety. Inspect your wiper blades and replace them if they show signs of deterioration, such as streaking or skipping. Opt for high-quality wiper blades that provide reliable performance in all weather conditions.
  • Clean and inspect the air conditioning system. A well-functioning air conditioning system is essential for a comfortable summer driving experience. Start by cleaning or replacing the cabin air filters to ensure proper airflow. Inspect the AC system for any leaks or issues. If you notice any problems, such as weak airflow or unusual noises, have it inspected by one of our qualified technicians.
  • Check and clean the air intake system. A clean and unobstructed air intake system is crucial for optimal engine performance. Remove any debris or leaves that may have accumulated in the air intake or around the air filter. Ensure proper airflow to prevent engine strain and maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Inspect and top off fluids. Hot weather can accelerate fluid consumption in your vehicle. Regularly check the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid levels. Ensure they are at the appropriate levels and top them off if necessary. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the recommended type of fluids to use.
  • Monitor tire pressure. High temperatures can cause tire pressure to increase, which can lead to blowouts or reduced fuel efficiency. Regularly check your tire pressure and maintain the recommended levels as per your vehicle’s specifications.
  • Schedule a comprehensive vehicle inspection. Before embarking on any summer road trips, it’s wise to have a professional mechanic perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle. They can check for any underlying issues, such as worn-out belts, brake pads, or suspension components. Addressing these issues in advance will help prevent breakdowns.

By following these tips, you’ll ensure that your car is ready to handle the summer heat and maintain optimal performance throughout the season. To schedule any needed services with our team of expert technicians, just visit us online at!


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