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Dances of India

Internationally acclaimed performer and choreographer, Dr. Maha Gingrich presents. 21st Anniversary of Dances of India Join us to celebrate thousands of years old history and culture of India: Choreographer Dr. Maha Gingrich and a large ensemble of dancers present classical and folk dances Stories brought to life exquisitely through dance dramas, costumes and masks Our signature dance, “Unity in Diversity,” set to enthralling international dance styles and live music

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🌍 🍽️ 🤝 A Celebration of Cultures, Cuisine, and Community

The third annual Concord International Festival will be held on Saturday, Sept 30th in Downtown Concord showcasing the beauty of embracing different cultures. 📍 Concord (Downtown) Spring St. SW & Barbrick Ave. SW In a world that’s becoming increasingly interconnected, celebrating diversity and promoting multiculturalism are more important than ever. This exciting event is a collaborative effort between El Puente Hispano and the City of Concord, with a mission to foster dialogue, collaboration, and understanding among diverse communities. The 2022 festival was a resounding success,...

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