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🍨 🥄 The Bakery at Mount Pleasant Adds a Cool Twist

Contributor: Jamie Richardson


The Bakery at Mount Pleasant has announced the newest addition to its menu: 🍦 Blue Bell ice cream.

🍰🧁🍪 Karen Helton, the mastermind behind the bakery, is buzzing with enthusiasm, already brainstorming creative ways to combine her delectable pastries with the indulgence of ice cream. Imagine two freshly baked chocolate chip cookies embracing a scoop of creamy ice cream in the middle—a combination that is destined to be nothing short of incredible!

Photo credit: The Bakery at Mount Pleasant Facebook

When you step into The Bakery, you’re greeted by the enchanting aroma of freshly baked goods that will instantly make your mouth water. The display case is full of a delightful array of treats, ranging from delicate pastries to heavenly cupcakes and cookies, offering a variety that caters to every taste.

  • Among the many options, don’t miss the customer-favorite Nanaimo Bars, originating from British Columbia. They feature three irresistible layers of coconut crumb, custard filling, and chocolate ganache—a definite must-try!

Photo credit: The Bakery at Mount Pleasant Facebook

Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors or in search of something unique, The Bakery at Mount Pleasant has a delightful surprise in store for everyone. You can even savor your treat alongside a cup of aromatic coffee or tea. During these HOT summer months, be sure and try their refreshing peach iced tea and now you can also choose a delicious frozen treat.

  • The very best treats come from The Bakery at Mount Pleasant. I haven’t found anything I don’t love yet, and I’m thrilled to have new things to try regularly. Wonderful team who really does an exceptional job. Try something – you won’t be disappointed!  – Jason

Despite not having a formal background in baking, Karen’s talent and passion for creating delectable treats ignited a spark among her friends and family, leading them to encourage her to pursue her dream of opening a bakery.

In 2016, The Bakery at Mount Pleasant proudly opened its doors, becoming a testament to Karen’s unwavering dedication and support of the community. Over the past 7 years, the bakery has grown alongside the vibrant downtown area, serving scrumptious goodies to its beloved customers and supplying desserts to esteemed establishments such as 73 & Main and Cafe Lentz.

However, it hasn’t always been an easy ride. The past few years have presented their fair share of challenges, including navigating the recovery from the pandemic. The Bakery at Mount Pleasant has remained resilient and grateful for the support of its loyal customers. It is their steadfast patronage that has enabled the bakery to overcome obstacles and flourish.

  • Karen extends her heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Dobson and acknowledges the remarkable support he provides not just to her business, but also to numerous other small businesses in Mount Pleasant, fostering a thriving local community.

⏰ In addition to the exciting ice cream news, the bakery has also adjusted its operating hours to better serve the community. They are now open from 11am–9pm, Wednesday through Saturday, and from 2–6pm on Sundays.

The Bakery at Mount Pleasant invites everyone to come and experience the delightful treats and vibrant downtown atmosphere. With several delicious ice cream options now available, in addition to all the other goodies, there’s no better time to indulge in a sweet treat.

Be sure to follow The Bakery at Mount Pleasant on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what’s new, special offers, and fun events!


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