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🍨 The “Scoop” on Popular Custard Franchise

Contributor: Jamie Richardson


This local Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise was the FIRST one to open in all of North Carolina and they’ve been recognized as the Chamber’s New Business of the Year!

Owner Shannon Leckinger operates Abbott’s Frozen Custard – Edison Square, located in one of the fastest growing parts of Cabarrus County, The Shoppes at Edison Square.

  • With 7 rotating flavors daily and over 100 in their arsenal, there is always something delicious happening at Abbott’s. Because the different flavors are made daily it’s always unique. Shannon says “It’s not the same as everybody else”. It’s what sets them apart.

🦄 Shannon loves to come up with her own fun flavor ideas like Unicorn Fluff and Wookies & Cream, her nod to Star Wars. The daily flavors are shared every day on Facebook and Instagram.

Abbott’s Franchise History

When Shannon and her family moved to North Carolina from Connecticut they noticed that there was a lack of good ice cream or custard in the area. Everything was at least 20 minutes away from where they lived. So, Shannon and her family decided to fix that and began researching Abbott’s.

“We hadn’t had the product yet, but we knew based on the following that it had to be awesome, and it was. It was everything we had hoped for once we finally tasted it.”

The original Abbott’s Frozen Custard stand was built right across the street from Charlotte Beach on the shores of Lake Ontario. Arthur’s stand at Charlotte Beach continues to serve guests today. Their frozen custard is made daily from a 100-year-old secret family recipe.

  • This family business really resonated with Shannon when she and her husband started looking at the company. Shannon said, “I was impressed with the fact that it’s still family-owned, and since we were going to be a family business…we really liked that.”

It was a nine-month process to get Abbott’s up and running. Shannon and her husband even went to “Scoop School” in Rochester, NY before they opened. It was a big risk, but in September 2018 they opened their doors to a line wrapped around the building.

A Welcoming Place to Gather

For decades and certainly before social media, the local ice cream place was always a place to meet up in a community. And that is exactly what Shannon hoped Abbott’s would become… and it has!

It’s a place where kids can ride their bikes to and where you can bump into your neighbors and your friends! It’s even been the site of Promposals and post-prom snacks!

Their efforts were recognized right out of the gate in 2019 when they were awarded “New Business of the Year” from The Chamber, Leading Business in Cabarrus [see the video].

What Makes Abbott’s Frozen Custard So Good?

Milk and cream are combined with eggs and sugar to create Abbott’s frozen custard mix. The mix is delivered daily to each of the individual Abbott’s locations where it is poured into specially designed machines. The slow churning process removes all the air turning the mix into creamy and smooth custard.

  • “Customers have really embraced our product. Many have never had frozen custard before. I just love to see the look on people’s faces the first time they have our custard. They always say ‘There’s just something about it.’ It’s so much richer and creamier than regular ice cream and once you’ve tried it, it’s hard to go back.”

So, What Did I Try? I had the Rochester special, a tasting trio of two of the most popular custards, black raspberry, and chocolate almond. I also had one of Shannon’s fun creations, Samoa Surprise, made of vanilla custard and Samoa Girl Scout cookies. Abbott’s company motto is, “…it’s always been about the taste!” I have to agree, it tastes pretty amazing!

Community Is Key to Our Business! Shannon and her family are extremely involved in the community, and they like to give back. They provide donations and scholarships through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. They are active with local schools and local sports and swim teams. After finding out about Cabarrus Pets Society advocate Judy Poler’s death, Shannon set up boxes inside the shop to collect donations of pet supplies to honor her memory.

Make Any Occasion Special with a Cake from Abbotts!

🎕 🎓 Mother’s Day and Graduation are right around the corner and Abbott’s does specialty cakes for every occasion! But be sure to order early as it is a very busy time of year.

Have Cart… Will Travel! Abbott’s Frozen Custard is mobile and will go to local sporting and community events or school dances with 3 to 4 different flavors to choose from, plus ice cream cookies.


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