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Uncover Local History with the “Miles for Museums” Passport Program


The “Miles for Museums” passport program is a fun and educational initiative for the whole family. This passport program encourages people to explore the area’s museums and communities, offering an exciting opportunity to discover local history and win prizes along the way. The program operates on a simple principle: visit museums, collect passport stamps, and become eligible to win prizes.

  • Completing the passport, by collecting stamps from all ten museums, makes each participant eligible to enter the raffle at the end of the summer. Each museum in the program has also partnered with local businesses to offer discounts and incentives to passport holders.

To get started, individuals can pick up a passport at any of the ten participating museums, including:

The Miles for Museums program, created by Beth Jacobs of the Eastern Cabarrus Historical Society, strives to make local history accessible and affordable to all members of the community. “There are hidden gems right here in our neighborhoods. The Miles for Museums program provides free or low-cost adventures while learning about local history.” By visiting museums and engaging with the exhibits, visitors can immerse themselves in the fascinating stories that shaped Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding communities. Each museum offers a unique glimpse into the area’s past. This program presents an excellent opportunity for families, history enthusiasts, and curious individuals to learn more about the local culture without breaking the bank.

So, why not embark on a summer adventure that combines learning, exploration, and fun? Take advantage of the “Miles for Museums” program and discover the treasures of your local community. Gather your family, grab your passports, and let the exploration begin!


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