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🍷 πŸŽ‰ Winery Celebrates 8th Anniversary

Contributor: Jamie Richardson


Cabo Winery has a full lineup of festivities planned for its 8th-anniversary celebration on August 19th!

Concord (Downtown Concord)
πŸ“ 37 Union Street S, Ste A2, Concord, NC
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This charming winery, located in Downtown Concord, has been offering a comfortable environment that removes the intimidation from wine selection for almost a decade.

Whether you’re an experienced wine lover or just curious, Cabo Winery promises an experience that is both inviting and engaging. With a wide selection of handcrafted wines, personalized recommendations, and exciting events, Cabo Winery invites you to stop in and enjoy everything they have to offer.

Photo Credits: Cabo Winery Facebook

Operating as an “Urban Winery,” all wines are crafted on-site, ensuring quality and authenticity in every bottle. While grapes are sourced externally to maximize yield, the emphasis remains on crafting wines that cater to various tastes. Each bottle is hand-labeled and hand-corked, adding a personal touch to every product.

Caroline Bost, the proud owner of Cabo Winery, has deep roots in Cabarrus County, dating back to the 1700s. She is not only committed to providing exceptional wines but also takes pride in contributing to the growth and vitality of Downtown Concord. Caroline appreciates the support of the community, especially during the streetscape construction. She’s committed to staying open and aims to remain a beloved staple in the area. She has truly created a space that feels like home and the customers feel like family.

  • Her customers say, β€œThey came for the wine, but now they come to see Caroline.”

Dedicated to providing an environment where individuals can savor wine without being overwhelmed, Cabo Winery goes beyond by aiding its visitors in finding wines that perfectly match their preferences. Acknowledging the distinctiveness of personal palates, the staff invests time in learning customer preferences before offering suggestions.

This personalized approach guarantees that you leave with a wine that genuinely delights your senses, tailored to your liking. The staff’s passion for wine and their eagerness to share their knowledge create an atmosphere where guests can explore without hesitation. Cabo Winery allows you the opportunity to sample before purchasing by offering two tasting options which allow you to explore the diverse range of wines in their collection and discover your favorites.

  1. $14.95 for a tasting of 7 wines of your choice.
  2. $24.95 for a tasting of 7 wines, a glass of wine of your choice, and a souvenir wine glass to take home.

πŸ₯₯ 🌴 Among Cabo Winery’s offerings, the “Bless Your Heart” Sauvignon Blanc stands out as a top seller. This delightful wine is sweetened with coconut and lime, transporting you to a tropical paradise with every sip.

Additionally, seasonal wines are added to the menu to capture the essence of each time of year. Try the warm and spiced Mistletoe Red in the Fall/Winter or the refreshing Boardwalk Breeze in Spring/Summer.

The winery also offers wine slushies in flavors like Peach Bellini, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Mango, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing adult treat. You can even buy wine slushie mix to take home! Snack baskets are also available for purchase featuring locally sourced Ashe County Cheese and Summer Sausage, providing the perfect accompaniment to your wine selection.

Weekly specials and events like Thirsty Thursdays, Teacher Appreciation Nights, and Paint and Sip classes keep Cabo Winery vibrant with an ever-renewing energy and a constant stream of exciting experiences for its valued patrons. Their popular Paint and Sip classes are typically held the third Sunday with various types of sessions: Canvas, Ceramics, Wood Pieces, Door Hangers, and more! Each guest also receives a voucher for ONE sweet bottle of wine to take home!

Amidst weekly specials and regularly held events, Cabo Winery is thrilled to celebrate its 8th anniversary on Saturday, August 19th. The anniversary festivities promise a blend of food, camaraderie, exclusive wine slushie offerings, tasting specials, vendors, and more. Additionally, guests can purchase tickets for the anniversary raffle basket, brimming with an assortment of products valued at over $150. Individual tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20.

The raffle will take place on August 19th at 8pm at the end of the celebration. The basket features items from:

  • Carat Patch DΓ©cor
  • Kell’s Kitchen and Catering
  • 2 Peas in a Spa
  • Lush Lotus Candles
  • Cabo Winery (Bottle of Bless Your Heart Wine)
  • Mary Kay

Looking to host your own party or event? Cabo Winery’s Magnolia Room is a versatile space that can elevate any occasion. From birthday parties to engagement celebrations, business dinners, and more, this rentable space has a full bar to offer all that is available in the primary tasting room, as well as built-in space for food and gift setup. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a larger event, the Magnolia Room provides a charming and inviting setting.

With personalized wine tastings, a diverse selection of handcrafted wines, delightful seasonal offerings, and exciting events, Cabo Winery invites you to immerse yourself in the world of wine.


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