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Unlocking Home: Discovering the ‘Why’ Behind the Door with Team Honeycutt

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What’s “Behind the Door”?

Anyone can find you a house – okay not anyone!
But any agent can match up your needs (4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2,400 square feet) with the market options.

But very few agents dig into the why.
What’s behind the door is always the why…

  • Why people decide this is the one
  • Why people choose a neighborhood
  • Why people make it a home

It’s also WHY we do what we do!
We get to help you find the ONE that fits your WHY!

small brown dog behind the door

Meet sweet Beaux (dog)
He moved to Concord in March of 2022.
His goal – walkable streets and lots of activity and green grass.

When we chatted with him almost two years later – his favorite part of living here – walking the streets of downtown Concord.
He loves when the neighbor kids come over and bring him treats.
Bonus – watching squirrels out the front door as they climb the HUGE trees.

His human family is also in LOVE with Concord!
They walk to the bookstore.
Spend time updating their historic home and enjoy the small-town feel.

Their why – tight community with quiet nights on the porch with neighbors. Oh, and their favorite is the Christmas parade.

Guess what we found – their WHY!

Home is a formula and is all about making memories! Community is where you integrate and play out your daily life.

No one does that better than Team Honeycutt. In the community and “Behind the Door” for over 33 years!


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