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🥕👟 Health & Fitness Trends for 2023


As the new year begins, health and fitness resolutions continue to be a priority. Gym regulars dread the month of January when all of the “newbies” show up and classes and weight rooms are more crowded. However, we are thrilled to see crowded facilities and we want to see Cabarrus County be as healthy as possible.

For anyone who has not found their fitness home yet this year, we have pulled together 6 health and wellness trends and a comprehensive list of businesses offering lots of different ways for you to reach your fitness goals all year long. Don’t see your favorite fitness facility listed? Let us know on our Content Suggestions page and we will get them added!

1. Group Fitness Classes Will Continue Making a Comeback in 2023

As we continue to rebound from being isolated during the pandemic, more and more people are returning to group fitness for the camaraderie of working out together. Fitness center owners are embracing the return by offering even more fellowship opportunities for members to support one another. Check out our comprehensive list of fitness centers and visit their social media pages so you can get to know the culture of their locations and give one (or two) a try until you find your fitness family.

2. Personalized and Semi-Private Training Holds People Accountable

Accountability is the name of the game when it comes to fitness. Some enjoy the group classes but don’t get the results they are looking for. Or maybe working out at home was convenient and less expensive, but it didn’t hold people accountable. The apex of accountability is hiring a personal trainer and there are lots of options across Cabarrus County.

Trainers like Mike Krug with Next Level Personal Training offer a variety of options based on an individual’s needs. For instance, semi-private training sessions are smaller and more coaching intensive. Programs follow a hierarchy of training focused on building strength and moving your body better. It’s a great option for those new to exercise, and also for more experienced athletes to break through plateaus.

Core Fitness 101 (formerly ReCore Fitness) also offers one-on-one or two-on-one (with a buddy) personal training at their location in Kannapolis. However, they also offer a unique 30-Day, 10-Minute-a-Day Challenge training app. It’s great for people who travel or just can’t make it to a gym and the workouts are only 10 minutes a day, but they pack a punch! There is also a discussion board so your trainers can keep track of your progress and offer encouragement and community with other members.

3. Unique Workout Classes

Solace Yoga Studio in Concord offers traditional yoga classes, but also has a very popular aerial class, called Aerial Decompression. It is great for beginners and all levels and uses the hammock to support your body as you lengthen your spine, open your shoulders and hips, and allow your body to decompress. This class is a perfect way to become familiar with your hammock. It also makes a great regular practice!

F3 – Fitness Fellowship and Faith is not a new fitness option, but it is still unique. It was started nearby in Charlotte, NC in 2011 and has 5 core principles:

  1. Free of Charge: Zero cost! Never a charge to workout, ever
  2. Open to all Men
  3. Held Outdoors – Rain or Shine, Hot or Cold, we are out there
  4. Peer Led – Led in a rotating fashion by the men who attend
  5. Ends with COT – Always ends with a Circle of Trust.

There are two locations in Cabarrus County – one in Concord and one in Kannapolis.

4. Science-Based Fitness Opportunities

Science-based fitness opportunities are becoming more and more popular, where you wear a heart rate monitor that drives your workout so you can optimize your calorie burn. Eat the Frog Fitness uses technology throughout the fitness experience to measure and motivate your workouts. Orangetheory offers heart rate-based interval training, where you train through 5 heart rate zones designed to charge your metabolism for MORE caloric afterburn. Get Fit Together also offers group heart rate training (monitor and app).

5. Small, Local Gyms Offer Personal Attention

Shopping locally continues to be a trend everywhere and that includes when people are shopping for their fitness home. Small gyms are owned by local people passionate about wellness for members of their community. That includes Mt. Pleasant High School graduate Brent Plott who is the founder and owner of Tiger Gym in Mount Pleasant. He’s also a veteran and has his gym well-appointed, representing all four branches of the military. All members have 24-hour unlimited access and the gym also offers strength training, cardio, personal training, and reduced rates for students and senior citizens. From the powerlifter, bodybuilder, or beginner everyone is welcome to train here.

Get Fit Together was founded by Joy Dry, a fitness instructor since 2009 who has done most of her work with the City of Concord through group fitness classes at area recreation centers. Her goal at Get Fit Together is to encourage people of all ages and abilities to get fit and improve their well-being by providing a supportive space where highly qualified health and fitness trainers can deliver their services. Their community is aged 30+ and all anyone is concerned with is doing their best.

6. Online and Hybrid Options Are Still in Demand

The Rowan-Cabarrus YMCA has built an entire portion of its website focused on being “Healthy at Home,” in addition to offering some of the most well-equipped facilities across Cabarrus County. Whether you want to work out in person or on demand from wherever you are, the YMCA has you covered. YMCA360 is a Virtual Fitness option offering on-demand, livestream workouts, and more. This platform allows you to work out from home when you need to, or work out while away on vacation.


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