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🐷 SmoKee ‘Kue: Where BBQ Dreams Come True

Contributor: Jamie Richardson


SmoKee ‘Kue is a must-try for fans of smoked meats and delicious barbecue.

This award-winning BBQ competition team is now selling their prepared smoked meats, sauces, and rubs packaged to take home, heat, and eat!

  • They specialize in pulled pork, ribs, chicken wings, smoked meatballs, and brisket queso along with their homemade BBQ sauce and K.I.S.S. rubs.

Founded by pitmaster Kenner Kee, SmoKee ‘Kue offers a unique fusion of Texas and NC BBQ that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

  • Kenner, who grew up in Texas, developed a love for smoked meat at a young age while cooking with his father and Nana.

Since then, he’s become a seasoned pitmaster and regularly competes in BBQ competitions across North and South Carolina, winning multiple awards for his delicious meat.

Kenner entered his first BBQ competition in Charleston with his brother and friends 20 years ago and now enters four or five competitions per year in North and South Carolina.

  • Recently, Keener and his team won first place in the “Best All Over” and “Ribs” categories at the Harrisburg Bar-Ba-Brew competition. It was their fourth year at this event, and they consider it one of their favorites.

So what sets SmoKee ‘Kue apart? They believe it’s their commitment to quality and flavor. His meats are sourced from local farms and each batch is crafted with care and cooked to perfection. Kenner’s homemade BBQ sauce, which is sweet, tangy, and absolutely delicious, is a must-try. And the K.I.S.S. rub is the perfect seasoning for any meat dish.

🍔 SmoKee ‘Kue has also partnered with Hot Box: Next Level Kitchen at Southern Strain Brewing Company, providing their smoked pork for many of the restaurant’s dishes like the pulled pork quesadilla and pork belly burnt-ends.

  • Kenner’s pulled pork was also featured in their Hurricane Burger, created for the Cabarrus Burger Madness event, which consisted of a 1/3-pound chuck brisket patty, coleslaw, tobacco onions, and SmoKee ‘Kue sticky pulled pork on a Dukes Bread brioche bun. Yum! 😋

Photo credit: Hot Box Next Level Kitchen Instagram

Kenner also recently partnered with Old Armor Beer Co. to sell his products in downtown Kannapolis and ended up “selling out” but is looking forward to heading back soon. He also connected with other entrepreneurs by presenting about his business at the Cabarrus Center during a 1 Million Cups event.

“100% recommend SmoKee Kue for their offerings! We’ve had their pulled pork, smoked turkey, and ribs. Definitely some of the best smoked meats we ever had. Definitely have to try Kenner’s homemade BBQ sauce. Sweet, tangy, absolutely delicious!” ~ Josh W.

As they say, “You don’t win friends with salad,” so why not treat yourself to some delicious smoked meat? Sign up for their emails online or place an order and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see where they will be next.


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