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🐕 ❣️ SplashPaw Foundation Rolls Out Red Carpet for Pets in Need

Contributor: Jamie Richardson


The SplashPaw Foundation, Inc ™  was founded in 2013 by architect Ginger Moore and provides for others who cannot afford adequate treatment or care for their pets.

This can include helping with the cost of treatment, medication, research or just helping a pet be more comfortable while they are ill.

Ginger’s Motivation

Cancer has impacted Ginger’s life on several levels. Ginger’s grandfather and mother both had cancer as well as both of her pets: Roma, a 16-year-old Spaniel mix, and Pisa, an 11-year-old Calico.

  • During her mother’s last 2 years of battling her disease, a pregnant dog joined their family and presented them with nine puppies. At first, her mother was not happy about the added responsibility, but she grew to love and pamper the new additions to her family. “We are convinced that those puppies helped extend her life,” said Moore.

That early experience is what nurtured in Ginger a desire to help other families who need that human/pet relationship, especially those who cannot afford it.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

The SplashPaw Foundation has several fundraisers and special events throughout the year to fulfill its mission, including the annual Bark and Brew. The main feature of Bark and Brew is the runway show where members of the community will walk their pet, or a pet available for adoption, down the red carpet so they can strut their stuff. SplashPaw funding recipients have walked the red carpet as well.

This year will be the 9th Annual Bark and Brew which will be held at Cabarrus Brewing on August 20th. Lisa Ostema and Amy Woolwine return as Emcees.

📷 Karen Goforth with Irresistible Portraits partners with the foundation to take beautiful pictures of the participants and their portraits are revealed at the Red Carpet Event. For only $15 a ticket, it’s an event the whole family can enjoy! Ginger hopes the event can be used to help teach adults and kids alike about the importance of community service.

FUN FACT: You can rename a Cabarrus Brewing beer after your pet at the event for $100.

Partnering to Care for Seniors and Their Pets

The SplashPaw Foundation serves a lot of seniors in order to help them keep their pets healthy and in their homes. For many seniors, their pet is their only companion. SplashPaw has partnered with Cabarrus Meals on Wheels to help supply them with pet food for their clients.

  • “The partnership that Cabarrus Meals on Wheels has with SplashPaw Foundation is invaluable,” said CMOW Executive Director Kimberly Strong. “Pets make an isolated older adult feel healthier, less lonely, and happier.”

Approximately 60% of the people receiving Meals on Wheels have a pet. The pet program helps keep the human food going to the humans and then the pets eat the pet food. “Pets may be someone’s only companion and a person may forego their own personal care to provide for their pets,” added Strong. “Too often, we see our seniors choosing to feed their pets over themselves. This is where the SplashPaw Foundation comes in. They provide our program much needed and appreciated cat and dog food. We could not provide as much food for our pets without them. Everyday SplashPaw’s generosity provides smiles and love in the form of our pets.”

The SplashPaw Foundation’s corporate office serves as a drop-off location for pet food. They can take larger-sized bags of food and re-bag it in gallon-sized bags for easier delivery and handling by Cabarrus Meals on Wheels volunteers and recipients. The Foundation has volunteer opportunities for kids and families to buy and pack pet food to donate to the Cabarrus Meals on Wheels Pet Program.

A Community of Support

The Foundation relies on its relationship with veterinarians, partnering with 14 different animal hospitals in Cabarrus and Rowan Counties in 2022. SplashPaw recipients are veterinarian-referred to ensure that all donations are spent wisely and will help a candidate with a good prognosis.

  • 💰 Without the Foundation, these pets would have an uncertain future due to the families’ inability to afford the unexpected vet bills. In 2022, $35,311.88 in grants were awarded to 48 families/pets.

All Saints Episcopal Church is also a strong supporter of The SplashPaw Foundation. They host an annual food drive as well as the Invocation and Blessing of the Pets at the Bark and Brew event. Recently they added the “Weeping Willow” memorial tree created by Tilted Knight Metal Designs to their Memorial Garden. You can purchase “in memory of” copper leaves for people or pets to be added to the tree and the proceeds benefit the Foundation.

SplashPaw Foundation Success Stories

Lil Bit was rescued from some abusive situations. Her mom, Kristi, says “This little dog just wants to be loved!” Kristi’s family rescued her and opened their home to her as a safe place! We think Lil Bit hit the jackpot and is getting a lot of love in her new home. (Red Carpet Participant 2022)

Friskie is a senior cat with arthritis and her human is elderly as well. Lazy 5 Vets reached out for assistance with medication on behalf of Friskie’s owner. The Foundation was able to say yes to helping these two, resulting in a very grateful family.

ZENO is a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois K9 officer with the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Department. He tracks, apprehends, performs article searches, and detects explosive devices. He and his handler, Deputy Rick Moss, have searched facilities with school bomb threats as well as assisted Homeland Security in an MS 13 gang raid. He has protected the community!

Zeno had been diagnosed with cancer, more specifically, Chondro Sarcoma, located on one of his ribs. He required surgery to remove that rib and two additional ribs and there was a chance of nerve damage to his back legs.

With that diagnosis, he had to retire from the K9 unit; however, his surgery was successful and there were no signs of any nerve damage!

Get Involved with the Foundation at Any Age!

SplashPaw encourages kids and families to get involved with their mission. Ginger strongly believes that the next generation can learn compassion and commitment from serving with SplashPaw. They even have a junior board member! How cool is that?! And kids often walk in the Red Carpet event. Just last month, a young girl named Mia sold donuts so she could donate to SplashPaw, raising over $340!

Looking for other ways to support the Foundation? Try entering the monthly raffle on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Donations are 100% tax deductible and go directly to the Foundation. All donations stay within our local community.


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